Massage Therapy

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Get a therapeutic and spa massage experience while you stay at Aura.

My mission is to support guests/ clients with achieving life balance through professional wellness. I firmly believe in the inseparable connection between body, mind and soul.


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Here is a list and description of massages that are offered:


I believe that one massage stroke with a hot stone is equivalent to 10 hands strokes. STONE therapy treatments last 1.5 hours with the placement of stones on particular areas of your body, such as your back area.

STONE THERAPY treatments combined with my energy and heat helps to achieve a path of good health, releasing stagnation in meridians and heat helps relaxes the body for extra stretches. The increase flow of energy makes a person less susceptible to disease and illness.


Long Smooth Strokes combined with kneading and palpating layers of muscle tissue using massage lotion reduces muscle spasms, and cramps, releasing of endorphins to assist in lessened depression and anxiety.


Massage satisfies the inherent need to touch, promotes better sleep, improves concentration, improves circulation and biggest of all relieves STRESS. Assist in reducing pain medication also. Massage treats inflammation conditions such as bursitis and arthritis by relaxing these muscles.


Assisted Stretching therapy increases flexibilité, mobility and helps with more body movements.


it is a Manuel therapy that manipulates the soft tissue of the face. Rejuvenating Face Massage draws on the wisdom of many different healing systems such as Ayurvedic Massage, Indian Head, Lymphatic Drainage, Acupressure and Reflexology. It is combined with hot facial stones and THAI stem therapy.

This unique massage is NOT a « Facial » but rather a massage treatment for the face. It is different from other facial massages.

The stems are made for their healing qualities, wrapped in cotton and are heated they release oils to benefit the face. the rejuvenating Face Massage is like an instant face lift with a wonderful boost to your self esteem and self confidence.


This has a long history and is based on an Ayurvedic healing system.

In India Massage is an integral part of the daily routine and family life. This complete massage can incorporate coconut, avocado and almond oil to be left in the hair for long period. (Can be)

This modality usually includes massage of the shoulders, upper black, arms, neck, scalp, face and ears. Along with increased blood circulation, it stimulates the movement of lymph, thus cleansing effect. Helps with eye strain, headaches, insomnia, lack of concentration and lethargy.

Short sessions also offered

Ayurvedic HAND Massage therapy

With sugar and spice hand scrub


Peppermint and Salt scrub


1 hr - Massage $85 USD

1 hr - Couples massage $110 USD per person

1 hr - Hot sulphur stones $110 USD

1.5 hr - Therapeutic wax massage - $165 USD